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Neues Interview mit Bill Roper

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Auf der Hellgateguru - Seite Hellgate London Link ist heute ein neues Interview, geführt von Games Radar UK, mit Bill Roper veröffentlich worden. Unter Anderem nimmt Bill Roper Stellung zu einem möglichen Sequel zu Hellgate: London.

"GR: So do you have a check list of places to set a sequel? Will we see Hellgate: Budapest?

"There's not necessarily a checklist of places, it's more areas of the world. I think Asia's a great place to look, there's a lot of interesting things there, not only locations but then mythology and history. And I'd love to be able to do something in Egypt.

I'd love to explore Egyptian mythology, because it's so distinct and unique, both from what it's about and also how it appears visually, that would be very interesting. I think at some point it'd be fun to come back to the US for us, but it's kind of interesting I think that we've gotten really excited about, in the scope of the game, travelling to distant lands.

That's kind of the fun part, when we start talking about, hopefully, if the game was popular enough and there was a demand for it we can look at going to different places. It's just finding out what we can do, and where we can go, and how we can fold that in because it's been a lot of fun doing it in London and I'd love to do it some place else."

Zum Interview gibt es zusätzlich noch ein paar Screenshots auf den Interviewseiten.

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