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Interview mit David Brevik auf GameSpot

Geschrieben am 11.10. 2007 - 09:34 von xzarnado

Auf dem Onlineportal Gamespot ist ein Interview mit David Brevik veröffentlich wurden. In dem zweitseitigen Interview geht hervor, dass David Brevik das Zufallselement von Hellgate: London als sehr wichtig ansieht. Auch erwähnt er, dass die Instanzen das Monsterlevel vorgeben und nicht die Spieler, die in der Instanz sind.

Hier ein Auszug:

"GS: Can we expect to see a kind of in-game ecology with respect to how environments relate to monsters? Will there be a species of zombie that favors subway tunnels, or a species of demon that favors graveyards, for instance? If so, how well will players be able to change or adapt their weapon loadouts and strategies if they know they're in for a skirmish against a certain enemy type?

DB: We don't really go as far as "this particular monster type is at this location all the time." The replay value really takes a hit when you go through a level for the 10th time, fighting the same monsters you have always fought there. We like to spice it up a bit more than that. There are monster types in certain sections of the game, but you can have rare spawn types in levels and get a radically different monster grouping.

There will be certain sections of the game that focus on a particular resistance and damage type. You will have to take that into consideration when donning your gear."

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