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Vorläufige Patch 1 Evoker Skill Balance Updates

Geschrieben am 25.12. 2007 - 15:51 von God Faddoh

Vor kurzem wurden die vorläufigen Balance-Änderungen der Evoker Skills bekannt gegeben, die zur Zeit im Test Center laufen.
Es ist noch nicht sicher, aber die Skilländerungen sollen noch vor Patch 1 kommen.
Ob das Skillreset auch mit dem Balance Update kommt oder erst mit Patch 1, kann man noch nicht sagen.

I'd like to thank those who have made the effort to test the newly balanced Evoker skills in Test Center and have provided very detailed feedback on how the changes feel. Tweaking skills is an ongoing process that takes quite some time to get just right. Thanks again for your patience.
Some ideas / likely balance changes to Evoker skills currently in Patch 1.0, for upcoming Patch 1.0 update (not yet in but should mostly make it in before Patch 1.0 release):
note: numbers/increases are based on the values that are currently used in 1.0, not in 0.7, and are obviously not set in stone

-Brom's Curse range increased to 20m
-Brom's Curse health return increases by ~12.5% per rank

-Spectral Curse range increased to 20m
-Spectral Curse decreases targets' movement speed by 10% + 5% per skill rank

-Drain Power damage increased to 30 focus dmg per second per target

-Drain Life damage increased by 100% to 40 focus dmg per second per target

-Word of Fear base fear attack strength increased by 25%
-Word of Fear currently scales up at 25% per rank, corrected to 33% as stated in skill description

-Arcane Shield cooldown decreased to 25s

-Summon Ember cast time and delay bugs fixed (same as 0.7)

-Firestorm range increased to 10m

-Flameshards damage increased by 83%
-Flameshards base ignite attack strength increased by 25%
-Flameshards range increased from 20m to 25m
-Flameshards explosion delay reduced from 1.5s to 1.0s

-Hellfire damage increased by 56%
-Hellfire range reduced from 28m to 25m

-Spectral Bolt cooldown decreased from 1.5s to 1.0s
-Spectral Bolt base phase attack strength increased by 20%

-Spectral Lash damage increased by 35%

-Spectral Lash Mastery (would like this to increase radius by 15% per skill level instead of phase attack strength)

-Lightning Field splash damage (not field) increased by 17%

-Tempest range increased to 15m
-Tempest cast time decreased from 1.25s to 1.0s

-Arc Legion range increased to 18m
-Arc Legion additionally increases Shock effect damage by 25% per level

-Demonspine damage increased by 9%
-Demonspine powercost increased slightly (still less than 0.7)
-Demonspine initial Stun Attack Strength increased by 20%

-Boneshards cooldown decreased to 6s
-Boneshards initial Stun Attack Strength increased by 25%
-Boneshards powercost increased by 22%

-Venomous Spirit damage increased by 42%
-Venomous Spirit travel speed increased by 114%
-Venomous Spirit base fear attack strength increased by 50%
-Venomous Spirit powercost increased slightly

-Venom Armor armor bonus increased by 10% per rank

-Swarm cooldown decreased from 10s to 6s.

Please help "add to the list" by testing and providing feedback if you have already tested the current skills in TC. Thank you."

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