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Patch 1.3 kommt!

Geschrieben am 05.04. 2008 - 00:03 von Neverbody

Endlich wird nun auch Patch 1.3 für den Multiplayer auf den Testcenter aufgespielt.

"Test Center will be coming down today at 3:00 PM PT to be updated to our most recent build of Patch 1.3. The update will take about thirty minutes to an hour to complete. When finished, Test Center will resume service.

The patch notes for Patch 1.3 are being written and will be published when completed. Players who venture into Patch 1.3 will notice a number of new features, most of which have not been announced as of yet. "Ranks" and "Perks" will probably be chief among these. While speculation is welcome, we will provide a full detail of these features when the patch notes are ready for posting. Additionally, some features have yet to be implemented in this build of Patch 1.3.

This early build of Patch 1.3 will be updated as new builds become available and ready for Test Center.
-- Scapes"


[Die Übersetzung der Patchnotes]


[Änderungen in den Patchnotes]

Viel Spaß wünscht euch das HellgateLondon.de-Team!

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